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Macclesfield Counselling & Training Centre  

6-8 Market Place, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 1EX
Tel: 01625 614039 Email: info@macclesfieldcounselling.co.uk

About Counselling...

What is Counselling?

At some point in our life we may feel we need to talk to someone who is outside of our circle of family and friends. Sometimes what we are experiencing may feel so personal to us that sometimes it can feel difficult to find someone who can listen to us without judgement or disapproval.

Counselling can provide a place to explore personal difficulties, a place where you will not feel pressurised or criticised, as counsellors are trained to listen to you through a respectful and confidential relationship. It is a place where you will be given the time and support to enable you to find your own solutions and decisions and help you to take more control of your life.

Who goes to Counselling?

People seek counselling for many different reasons. Sometimes this can be a known cause such as stress, personal relationship difficulties, anxiety, bereavement or loss, depression, low self esteem, health or eating difficulties; or simply that we have reached a point in our lives where we feel confused about what is troubling us and we simply need to talk to someone, someone whom will not judge you for your beliefs or feelings.

How long does this take?

Each person that comes for counselling is unique so this really depends on you and the difficulty you are experiencing. Some people find that they only need a small number of sessions and other people find that they benefit from having a longer term relationship over several months. The important emphasis is taking the time however long or short that may be, to get to a place where you feel that you want to be.

Which days can I make an appointment on?

Subject to our availability we offer day time counselling sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, from 10.00am until 5.30pm

Our evening appointments are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm until 8.30pm

What happens at the first session?

The first session lasts approximately 1 hour and this is an opportunity for both yourself and the counsellor to explore what has essentially brought you to counselling.

This will involve the counsellor at the start of the session discussing with you how the framework of counselling is offered at the centre so that you have an informed understanding of what a counselling relationship involves.

Your counsellor will also ask you some questions in order to gain a better understanding of how he or she may be able to help and for both of you to decide together what you feel you would like to gain from coming to counselling.

In some circumstances you may feel that the counsellor is not the right one for you and if this is the case we would always offer you another counsellor or alternatively if you prefer we can signpost you to another counselling service or counselling practitioner.

How much does it cost?

For individual counselling each session has a fee of £50.00, and your first session will last approximately 1hr where you will have the opportunity to see if you feel comfortable with your counsellor and if you feel that counselling is something which you feel is right for you.

Should you choose to continue after your first session each session thereafter will last 1 hr and costs £50.00 per session.

For Couples Counselling each session has a fee of £65.00 per session. Each session will last approximately 1h 15 minutes.

Payment for sessions is taken by Cash or Cheque; regrettably we do not take card payments.

After 10 sessions for both Individual and Couples Counselling we reduce the cost, to enable longer term counselling to become more affordable.

* Organisations wishing to commission counselling through our service will incur a slightly higher session fee please enquire for details of our fee.

How do I pay for my counselling sessions?

Counselling sessions are paid directly to the counsellor either at the beginning or end of your session, depending on your preference and payment can be made by cash or cheque.

Cheque payments are made payable to MCTC (Macclesfield Counselling & Training Centre).

Each session that you undertake is paid for in advance at the time you make your next appointment, therefore at your first initial counselling session, should you wish to attend for a second session, we will ask for payment for this 2nd session at the time you make this next appointment.

On your 2nd session when you attend should you wish to undertake a 3rd session, we will ask for payment for this 3rd session.

Please note, it is not our policy to ask you to pay for more than one counselling session in advance at any given time, unless you wish to do so.

What happens if I have paid for a counselling session and I can't attend?

We realise that realistically sometimes life can happen, and for various reasons it may not be possible to attend a session which you have booked.

In order for us not to charge you for your missed or cancelled session, we require 24hrs notice to be given to the centre, informing us of your need to cancel or rearrange your session.

Notice can be given by leaving a message on our 24 hr answer machine or speaking to us directly during our practice hours.

If less than 24hrs notice is given, a 50% cancellation fee is made for the missed/cancelled session.

Is it for me?

Often the first step can feel like the biggest when making the decision to pick up the phone and make an appointment to see someone. It is natural to feel uncertain when you decide to come for the first time, and only when you have met the counsellor can you really decide whether this is for you. The importance of counselling is to have a therapeutic relationship that feels right for both you and the counsellor.

All Counsellors at Macclesfield Counselling & Training Centre are qualified practitioners and members of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Appointments can be made by contacting us on:

Telephone: 01625 614039 or alternatively you can email the centre on   info@macclesfieldcounselling.co.uk, however our email address is for making appointments only.


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